Before proceeding with my examination of my own UFO experiences (dreams), I just want to be clear about one important item:

When I said at the conclusion of my previous post, “You must eat the fruit,” I most emphatically did NOT mean that you should drink the Kool-Aid. I don’t have any ANSWERS to these tantalizing mysteries—just more questions. And if anyone comes along claiming that they do have all the ANSWERS, please RUN, do not walk, away; and whatever you do, don’t drink the punch!

Specifically, what I’m referring to, is the big shift in US government policy that has become apparent over the past four or five years.

From seventy years of official denial, disinformation, and ridicule, we have moved into a modified, limited hangout posture of drip-drip-drip “Disclosure.” Thus we have stories in our official newspapers by respected established journalists discussing newly released, years-old military videos of TIC-TAC “UAPs” (as they like to call them). We have more stories and books (whose publication had to be signed off by the appropriate authorities and censors at the Pentagon) about AAWSAP, AATIP, Skinwalker Ranch, etc.

The official narrative is being changed, constructed, and tightly managed. I remain suspicious of the motives and intentions of those responsible. I am likewise suspicious of those would-be researchers and others who present themselves as “authorities,” because they have access to “inside information” being dribbled out to them in carefully managed doses by real Insiders In The Know. People love to present themselves as Players. Obviously there has been a recognition at high levels that the previous postures are unworkable and counterproductive. But the truth is still out there; and by “there,” I don’t mean The New York Times.

As I suggested previously, one of the main objectives of the scientistic paradigm has been to remove and/or nullify personal subjective experience and its epistemological validity. Turning from the priests of religion to the priests of science to the priests of the bureaucracy (and the military is part of this machine)—but never, heaven forbid, to oneself and one’s own experience—is the entire western cultural trajectory, from the Medieval through the Princely and Scientific-Technological periods of development.

Please, don’t drink the Kool-Aid!

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